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Vinyl Fence options in Salem, NH


Not only does Vinyl Fence come in a variety of styles, more and more people are choosing this product because of its ease of upkeep. Vinyl withstands the harsh summer sun and the cold, hard New England Climate. To revive your fence cleaning is as simply as hosing it down with some soap and water! While a Chain link Fence can be an invite for climbing children, Vinyl is structured differently. Style options are endless for Vinyl and you'll still receive the same feeling of privacy and protection.

5 great reasons to install a vinyl fence

Thinking about installing a fence on your property? We can help. Fortress Fence Company provides vinyl fence installation services in Salem, NH and surrounding areas. You can rely on us to design and install your vinyl fence in a jiffy. Vinyl fencing is popular with homeowners and business owners because it:

  1. Is eco-friendly
  2. Is easy to clean
  3. Is easy to install
  4. Provides a beautiful, traditional look
  5. Provides top-notch privacy

Contact us today to arrange for professional vinyl fence installation services. We’ll be happy to set up a free consultation.

Active Yard fence technology

We offer ActiveYards ® Vinyl Fence as one of our main products. The unique design of ActiveYards ® material ensures that each picked is locked tightly into place without any gaps. Not only does this add privacy for your yard, it helps the fence withstand the test of time and elements with its security.